Erika Santiago

Tag: discipleship

  • Relationship Silos

    This week, on the podcast, we are discussing relationships in the context of discipleship. Cultural Christianity would have us believe we can do everything on our own without others and […]

  • It’s a New Season!

    In our Season 2 opening episode, Erika discusses CRT (Critical Race Theory), Cultural Christianity and suggest books for your summer reading. Thank you for joining us for Season 2! Books […]

  • Equipping People to Follow Jesus

    This week, we are talking about discipleship and the barriers that exist in cultural Christianity to effectively equipping people to follow Jesus and thrive. Discipleship or equipping followers of Jesus […]

  • Christian History in Context

    What is it about history that so many are working extra hard to hide it from view? This week, I’m continuing the topic on history that we started last week […]

  • Why is history important to our cultural Christianity conversation?

    In this week’s episode, we are talking about the importance of history to our ongoing conversation on cultural Christianity. Specifically, how historical facts that would have preserved or reinforced our […]