Christmas: Why We Should Value our Cultural Celebrations

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! In today’s episode, we’re talking about Cultural Christianity’s most important holiday…. Christmas! Christmas registers higher on the list than Easter in our American cultural context. Even non-Christians celebrate Christmas. So this is our biggest event of the year as followers of Christ to embrace the opportunity to share why we have … Read more

Relationship Silos

This week, we’re talking about navigating relationship silos to get better at making disciples. Healthy relationships and spiritual maturity help us to navigate the challenges we face when discipling others or being discipled. Follow me @culturalchristianity (IG / FB)Email topic suggestions, questions or comments to [email protected]:1 Corinthians 13John 15“Relational Intelligence” by Dr. Dharius DanielsParables of Jesus (Bible Project)

Responding to False Teaching

This week on the No More Silos podcast, we are learning about St. Augustine’s response to heresy in the 5th century that applies to how the Church responds to false teaching today. We can learn how to respond to heresy and false teaching in the Western church today from Augustine’s method of teaching in community, … Read more

No More Silos at the Cookout

A special 4th of July-themed episode of the No More Silos podcast. This week, we are taking a look at the silos of history and cultural Christianity around the 4th of July holiday.  We often take for granted that we are simply celebrating American independence without really considering the layers of historical perspective around it. … Read more

Lessons from the Early Church on Addressing Cultural Christianity

Introduction Lessons learned from the response of the early church to the culture around them contributed to forming the foundations of Western Christian theology. Responding to the dominant Roman and pagan culture of his time, Augustine developed scripturally based responses to cultural influences similar to those faced by modern Christianity. This paper will explore how … Read more

How We Got Our Bible

This episode is part one of two on this topic focusing only on how the canon was formed. It’s an intriguing historical survey that connects the dots to our present day bible. This week, we’re talking about how the biblical canon was formed. We will journey through the history through about 400AD. After that, the … Read more

Bonus Episode: How to Study Your Bible

In this special bonus episode, Erika discusses two key elements to bible study: interpretation and covenants. Our understanding of what God’s word says to us is usually based on our ability to interpret what’s going on in the text.  “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so … Read more

Relationship Silos

This week, on the podcast, we are discussing relationships in the context of discipleship. Cultural Christianity would have us believe we can do everything on our own without others and even without God. God is just for Sundays. And on Sundays we go to church and don’t talk to anyone while we’re there. How can … Read more

American Civil Religion

American Civil Religion is something that we engage in culturally that sounds a lot like Christianity but isn’t. Learn what civil religion is and how it is used in our political discourse to confuse both believers and non-believers in Christ. Remain hopeful that with knowledge and truth, we will be able to overcome counterfeit gospels … Read more