Our Current Youtube Favs

We know and understand that Youtube is problematic in a lot of scary ways but it is also a great resource for your homeschool. The key is paying attention to what your kids are watching, setting ground rules and limits and taking the time to set up playlists or subscribe to safe channels. Of course, … Read more

Alexa, Homeschool the Kids!

A few years ago, for Christmas, my parents bought our kids an Amazon Echo Dot. hThey already had one of the first generation Echo devices… my parents have always loved trying out new technology. They had an iPad before us, too. So I installed the app on my phone and figured out how to use … Read more


School at home or Homeschool … set the rhythm for your home School at home is not the same as homeschooling. Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice and a philosophy of life-long learning. In our home, we lean toward the philosophy of “unschooling” but with some structure. I’ll write another post about what lesson planning looks … Read more

Facebook Group Introduction

Recently, I started a support group on Facebook, “Learning is our Lifestyle,” to provide a resource for friends, family and friends of friends or friends of family who are new to homeschooling or school at home. I recorded a short video as an introduction to the group. Join the group today or invite a friend.

Homeschool Curriculum: What We’re Doing

Actually, I better blog post title would be “What we are going to do to start the new school year…” One of the things I love about homeschooling is flexibility. Lot’s of homeschool bloggers have been posting about their curriculum choices for the new school year. I’m writing a post about what we’re going to … Read more

Getting Started in Covid-Schooling

Are you making the decision to homeschool because of Covid-19? Welcome to “covid -schooling” … There are dozens of homeschool blogs and groups that are available to help you on this new journey. Count this one to add to the growing list. I’ve been a homeschooling mom for ten years. I have four kids ranging … Read more