Why We Should All Be Theologians

A No More Silos Podcast Series on the Letter to the Hebrews In today’s world, many people feel disconnected from theological discussions and find it difficult to engage with complex religious concepts. The lack of accessible resources and platforms often leaves individuals feeling excluded from important conversations about faith and spirituality. Embark on an exhilarating … Read more

Understanding the Diverse Landscape of Christian Denominations

Christianity is a diverse and rich tapestry of beliefs, practices, and traditions, encompassing a wide range of denominations. Each denomination has its unique history, interpretation of scripture, and distinct set of beliefs and practices. Understanding the various Christian denominations can provide valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of the Christian faith and the importance of … Read more

Exploring the Impact of Historical Events on American Christian Views on Gender and Theology

Christianity has played a significant role in shaping American society and culture, influencing everything from politics to social norms. Throughout history, various events have had a profound impact on the development of Christian views on gender and theology. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of four key historical events – the … Read more

No More Silos at the Cookout

A special 4th of July-themed episode of the No More Silos podcast. This week, we are taking a look at the silos of history and cultural Christianity around the 4th of July holiday.  We often take for granted that we are simply celebrating American independence without really considering the layers of historical perspective around it. … Read more

How We Got Our Bible

This episode is part one of two on this topic focusing only on how the canon was formed. It’s an intriguing historical survey that connects the dots to our present day bible. This week, we’re talking about how the biblical canon was formed. We will journey through the history through about 400AD. After that, the … Read more

American Civil Religion

American Civil Religion is something that we engage in culturally that sounds a lot like Christianity but isn’t. Learn what civil religion is and how it is used in our political discourse to confuse both believers and non-believers in Christ. Remain hopeful that with knowledge and truth, we will be able to overcome counterfeit gospels … Read more

Christian History in Context

What is it about history that so many are working extra hard to hide it from view? This week, I’m continuing the topic on history that we started last week and discussing “Urban Apologetics” by Eric Mason and “The Making of Biblical Womanhood” by Beth Allison Barr. In our modern American context, we allow silos … Read more