Exploring the Impact of Historical Events on American Christian Views on Gender and Theology

Christianity has played a significant role in shaping American society and culture, influencing everything from politics to social norms. Throughout history, various events have had a profound impact on the development of Christian views on gender and theology. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of four key historical events – the … Read more

Relationship Silos

This week, on the podcast, we are discussing relationships in the context of discipleship. Cultural Christianity would have us believe we can do everything on our own without others and even without God. God is just for Sundays. And on Sundays we go to church and don’t talk to anyone while we’re there. How can … Read more

Documentaries for Middle & High Schoolers

Your kids have an extraordinary amount of free time thanks to the pandemic and staying at home. If your kids are homeschooling in the traditional sense or distance-learning with virtual school, they may have hours daily of free time that I’m sure they’d love to fill with Netflix bing-watching and video games… at least that … Read more