Expanding Horizons: A Look Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024 – New Reading List Revealed!

Erika Santiago
Erika Santiago
Expanding Horizons: A Look Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024 - New Reading List Revealed!

In the latest episode of the NMS Podcast with Erika Santiago, our host takes us on a reflective journey through the impactful books of 2023 and unveils an exciting reading list for the upcoming year.

1. Books that Made an Impact and Looking Ahead: Erika begins by delving into the books that left an indelible mark on her soul in 2023. She shares personal insights on the transformative power of literature, particularly focusing on titles that explore the lives of women in the Bible. As a Christian, understanding the narratives of women who played pivotal roles in biblical events can deepen our connection to faith and provide valuable lessons for contemporary living.

The frustration with misleading information in the field of marriage coaching is a sentiment many of us share. Erika passionately discusses her concerns and recommends books that shed light on navigating the complexities of marriage.

2. Analysis of Books and Personal Reflections on Faith and Community Engagement: Erika doesn’t stop at merely listing books; she shares profound reflections on each title. One standout is “The Garden Within” by Dr. Anita Phillips, a work that dives deep into the concept of tending to one’s inner garden. The book offers practical steps for personal growth, an essential aspect of our Christian journey.

Our host also emphasizes the need for love and inclusivity within church communities. This resonates with many of us who believe that the church should be a place of acceptance, understanding, and genuine fellowship. Erika calls for church leaders to engage with all members, fostering a sense of belonging beyond the confines of senior leadership.

3. Books to Read in 2024: Looking ahead to 2024, Erika unveils her reading wishlist, promising exciting journeys into various aspects of faith, history, and linguistics.

The books Erika plans to explore in 2024 touch on diverse topics, including women’s representation in scripture, the history of report cards, the concept of heaven, practicing Christianity, and the linguistic journey of feminist language. It’s a testament to the richness and depth that literature can bring to our understanding of God, the world, and ourselves.

In conclusion, this episode is not just a reading list; it’s an invitation to join Erika Santiago on a journey of faith, introspection, and intellectual exploration. Let’s commit to expanding our horizons in 2024, armed with the wisdom gleaned from the pages of these inspiring books.

Tune in to the NMS Podcast and embark on this literary adventure with Erika Santiago. Happy reading, friends!