Getting Started in Covid-Schooling

Are you making the decision to homeschool because of Covid-19? Welcome to “covid -schooling” … There are dozens of homeschool blogs and groups that are available to help you on this new journey. Count this one to add to the growing list. I’ve been a homeschooling mom for ten years. I have four kids ranging in ages 9 through 19 and everyone has gone to public school and have been homeschooled at various times over the years for various reasons. I believe this gives me an uncommon perspective on traditional school, school at home and homeschooling.

It all started when I realized a few weeks ago that I was having the same conversation over and over with friends and family so in an effort to help, I delivered a zoom webinar and Q & A (see below). Next, I created a support group for new homeschoolers or families planning to school at home on Facebook (join here). I hope to share my experience and offer relevant resources that you can implement right away. I’m planning another webinar event to cover details and questions soon. Join the group on FB or contact me for details. In the meantime, watch the video below to get started.